BonnSpirit   Making the Connection to Spirit

As a Spiritualist Medium, Bonnie brings through messages from loved ones, guides, and angels.  Her
readings are uplifting consultations for connecting to those who have passed over to the other side.  .  
Bonnie begins every reading with a prayer to establish a strong connection to the Highest and Best,
Creator of All That Is.

Mediumship Reading with Spirit Art  is designed to bring through those impressions and persons
from the other side who wish to contact the sitter.  The Spirit Art reading begins when Bonnie closes
her eyes and begins to draw with charcoal.  Sometimes, Bonnie will use an entire handful of charcoal
and both hands to make the marks on the paper.  The drawing may seem random at first but faces
and symbols begin to appear.  Often the sitter is the first to notice a figure, person, relative, friend,
angel or guide before Bonnie opens her eyes to see what spirit has drawn.  After she opens her eyes,
Bonnie gives messages that come through the spirit drawing and from her inner clairvoyance,
clairaudience, and clairsentience.  Bonnie always provides time for questions.
Rev. Bonnie White, Spiritualist Medium, Healer, and Artist,  
Combines Spirit Art with Mediumship
Reverend Bonnie White,
Medium, Healer, Artist
Bonnie's Lily Dale
Cottage and Reading
Boat House (Lakeside Pavilion) in Lily Dale  Photograph by Bonn
Thank You!
Path to Inspiration Stump in the Leolyn Woods.
Lily Dale, NY.
Reading Prices

In-person Reading with Spirit Art Drawing in charcoal - $95.
Approximately 30 minutes.

Phone Reading with Spirit Art Drawing in charcoal -
Approximately 30 minutes.  I will send you the drawing.

In-person Reading with Spirit Art Painting in Color - $500
Approximately 2 hours.

The Spirit Art Painting is a sixteen by twenty inch painting in color .  This is your
opportunity to have an original Spirit Painting about you, the Unfoldment, and the
special Spiritual Connection you have at this time in your life.   It will be a
painting uniquely yours that is produced during the reading.  

Spiritualist mediums generally make connections to those in spirit rather than
what is known as "fortune telling".  I believe that we create our own future.  We
have God given free will and need to ask for help, if wanted, from God, Angels,
and Guides.  Guidance is sometimes given during a reading, but Spirit helps you
to recognize your choices.  In this way the readings sometimes talk about
personal situations and relationships, not to minimize your free will but to
understand the principles that create your future.
During the reading you have opportunities to ask questions.  
When I am working with the Spirit Art I will draw with my eyes closed in a new
space on the paper, and we will see what comes through.

In the Museum you can view Spirit Art Drawings, Visionary Art
, and Landscape Paintings by Bonn.  The Visionary Art paintings exhibit
energetic inspiration.  Many of her Landscape paintings are scenes of the lake at
Lily Dale.  Her Museum includes her notes about many of the paintings.  Enjoy.

Intuitive:  Bonnie's workshops explore intuitive skills
and recognition of spiritual messages for all levels.

Artistic:  Bonnie gives workshops on drawing and painting.  
Her workshops explore easy techniques
for accessing your creativity.

Bonnie White
PO Box 1125
Lily Dale, NY 14752

Phone: 716-595-3417
This site is created by Bonnie White.
Octagon Building in Winter. Lily Dale, New York